Single Electro Magnetic Door Lock 280 Kg

৳ 6,200.00 ৳ 5,800.00

Description :

This 250 kg door Lock provides 600lbs of holding force and fail-safe access control for perimeter and interior doors. This item is specifically designed for high profile openings that require a less obtrusive surface lock with architecturally superior appearance. Areas of application include, but are not limited to: Premise entrances, access control systems, security monitoring systems.

Lock Size: 250L x 47W x 25H(mm)

Suction Plate Size: 180L x 38W x 11H(mm)

Tenacity: 280Kg (600lbs)

Working Voltage: DC12V

Working Current: DC12V/500mA

Signal Output: Status Detection

Security Mode: Fail-safe

Open Mode: 90 degree open

Weight: 2 kg